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Brampton Bootcamp

The Brampton Bootcamp is like one you've never seen before. We call it Weekly Workouts. Transform your body and through our in facility personal training system. Target strength, fat loss or overall health. Your body needs this.

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Senior Fitness Programs

As we age the value of Senior Fitness Programs grow. Our M2S stream of Senior Fitness Programs are designed to meet the needs of each participant wherever they are. A strong body helps a strong mind.

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Disability Fitness Programs

Disability does not mean inability. We know this. Our M2S Disability Fitness Programs are designed to get individuals stronger, move better and feeling great. Whether you are an organization or family member, we can help.

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Personal Training

Personal Training has the power to get individuals stronger. Working with a coach directly can do this. If you are looking to get more one on one support on your fitness needs this is the option you're looking for to educate your mind and strengthen your body.

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  • "My life has literally changed ever since I met the founder. I encourage you ALL to check out this brand, this program and meet the man behind it all. You will only wish you had done it sooner."
    George-Ann W.


  • "My fitness journey was made simple at new persona I did a different workout everyday. Experienced coach Femi and his team helped me to achieve my fitness goals . Thanks new persona!"
    Nadine W.

    Program Coordinator

  • "Because of this particular program we've definitely seen great success with the individuals in their everyday lives."
    Desmond M.

    Reena OAP Manager

  • "Because of the patience and personal approach to my workouts, I already feel so much stronger! Thank you to New Persona for offering so many options and alternatives to the fitness program!" 
    Lisa I.

    Healthy Living Enthusiast

  • "Just completed a month here and I am loving the way New Persona is helping us achieve our goals by getting us in shape and building strength and fitness. Highly recommended !!"
    Vivek T.

    Healthy Living Enthusiast

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